Prolong Tire Life with Routine Rotation

Tires are expensive, so it's a good idea to get as much life as possible out of a set. Tire rotation is one component in prolonging the tire's useful life. It's also essential for tire safety.

When you drive down the road, the car puts different pressures on each corner of the car. This tends to wear the tire down in different ways. If you keep the same tire on each corner, it can cause the tire to wear unevenly, making the tire thinner in one area than the other. This will shorten the life of the tire significantly.

Rotating the tires every 5000 miles helps keep the tread wear more even. It's also the perfect time to balance the tires, check for vibrations, and inspect for damage. If your tires haven't been balanced in a while, make an appointment here at Park Place Volvo Cars to get the job done right.



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