What Safety Features are Equipped With the Volvo XC40?

Has the Volvo XC40 caught your attention in Dallas, TX? At Park Place Volvo Cars, this is a sought-after luxury sedan because it is well-equipped with a number of cutting-edge features, which include some pretty impressive safety features. Let's explore a few below.

The XC40 comes with a Lane Keeping Aid. This feature can help you avoid unintentional lane drift. With Lane Keeping Aid, a digital camera scans the lane markings to monitor the position of the car. When this system detects that you are getting too close to a lane marker, it will gently help you steer the car back so that you can stay in your lane. When you unintentionally leave your lane, this system will alert you with subtle vibrations on the steering wheel and sound an audible alert.

The Inflatable Curtain (IC) is also included with the Volvo XC40. This feature provides you with protection in a frontal collision, rollover, or side impact accident. It protects the heads of the front passengers and rear passengers sitting on the outside. This curtain stays inflated for several seconds in case of a second impact.

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