The V60 Inscription is one of the best wagons ever built. In fact, with its sleek design and beautiful grille, it’s been said that the V60 looks more like an upscale Phantom than a traditional wagon. With its aerodynamic design, turbocharged engine, and long list of upgrades, the V60 Inscription offers a performance engine, too. For a wagon, you’ll love the horsepower in the V60 Inscription. The latest model has a horsepower output of 316, while also getting 295 lb-ft of torque.

There are a ton of safety and tech features included with the premium Inscription trim as well. You’ll get leather upholstery, heated seats, LCD display, WiFi hotspot, blind spot monitoring, lane keep assist, GPS navigation, and premium audio. In addition, everything hooks up to your phone in this wagon, so you’ll be good to go with voice commands.

Can’t you see yourself in a V60 Inscription? It’s the best cruiser model available at Park Place Volvo Cars, which is conveniently situated in Dallas.



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