The Most Common Car Leaks and the Problems They Cause

Have you checked under your hood lately to see what your fluids are up to? As you know, fluids are crucial in keeping your vehicle running. This is one reason Park Place Volvo Cars wants you to be informed about operating fluids and how they can impact your vehicle if, through leakages, the levels are insufficient.

Common fluid leaks include brake, transmission, power-steering, coolant, and motor oil. Brake fluid lubricates the braking system so you can stop when you need to. Power-steering fluid makes turning the steering wheel easy. And, if a lack of motor oil caused the engine to blow out, the car would be inoperable, even if all the other fluids were at capacity.

If you do not know how to inspect your fluid levels, the top-notch mechanics at Park Place Volvo Cars in Dallas, TX can do the work for you. They will continue to enthusiastically service the vehicles of Dallas, TX's residents and ensure that their car's essential fluids remain in their respective tanks.

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