The longer someone owns a vehicle the more likely they will encounter problems. Fuel system malfunctions are common occurrences. By learning a few symptoms, vehicle owners have the chance to have repairs performed before costly damage happens.

If the vehicle sputters, struggles, and resumes speed, the problem may be a clogged fuel filter or a sign of an ailing fuel pump. Other fuel pump symptoms may occur when trying to climb a hill or when pulling a trailer. Regardless of how hard the driver applies force to the accelerator, the vehicle does not seem to be able to perform the task.

In the event that the owner does not have the fuel pump assesses and possibly replaced, the vehicle may stall on the road or the side of the road. When noticing any abnormal vehicle function, make an appointment with one of our Dallas, TX Park Place Volvo Cars technicians. We are prepared to assess and remedy the problem.

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