If you've ever briefly lost control of your vehicle when driving through a puddle, you know how frightening hydroplaning can be. That's why we at Park Place Volvo Cars want to equip you with strategies to help you avoid this condition in the future. Though this won't prevent every case of hydroplaning, here are a couple of ways to greatly decrease how often it occurs.

One key strategy to observe is to avoid hard braking. When your vehicle is braking, your tires need contact with the pavement in Dallas, TX to be able to bring your car to a stop. If you brake suddenly, your tires won't be able to remove the moisture on the road, meaning you'll be sliding along on a layer of water. Another easy tip is to find the tire tracks of the vehicle in front of you and do your best to drive in them. These tire tracks are slightly drier than the surrounding road surface, making it less likely that you'll hydroplane.

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